Delaware's Finest Shaper (1st Delaware Online CO 7/30)

thebigunit3000 2805

I had no clue what to do runner side, I just knew I wanted to beat Sportz and Combo Ob. Clot does well vs Sportz and Apoc does well vs Combo Ob. New cards are hard, but thankfully I saw CritHitd20's boat deck and threw in that wacky Stoneship card. Went 4-1 on the day -- got Drago Seamless Boomed round 1 by nbkelly, hooray for new cards! -- but won vs SYNC, PE, Ob, and CTM on the day.

31 Jul 2022 CodeMarvelous

This is so wacky I love it.

31 Jul 2022 Paillu

I used to have a very similar Wu list and have been thinking of bringing back. Love to see it, Wu is my favorite. Nicely done!

1 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

Apoc is still a force to be reckoned with

2 Aug 2022 maninthemoon

It was a blast running in the tournament vs you! Thanks for sharing the list I was really curious about how all the pieces fit together!

2 Aug 2022 Cooker

Was MU ever an issue or did you just free up space as needed and get the necessary programs back with Simulchips?

4 Aug 2022 thebigunit3000

Engolo, Pelangi, and a flex program are usually all that you need. Sometimes MU is an issue but you just gotta make it work.

5 Aug 2022 Jinsei