Joy Dive (4th @ Danish nationals)

DoubleK 687

tl;dr: Deep Dive + Khusyuk combo deck with lots of 1-cost cards and has the ability to score 7 points in one turn.

This deck got me to a 4th place at the Danish nationals, even though my corp deck Crazy Murderman Outfit proved to be the more successful one.


Mulligan for money and draw. Set up for 2-4 turns. Install a lot of 1-cost cards. Arissana helps install them quicker. Mayfly helps pulling off an early Khusyuk.

If the corp doesn't defend centrals properly, hit them with Joy Ride, which can set up an early Deep Dive. Joy Ride triggers a successful R&D run and often draws into Deep Dive, so you can pull it off during the same turn.

Control the remote with Overclock, Mayfly, SMC, Bankhar + Airblades.

Clear key asset spam cards (like Daily Business Show) with Overclock.

Draw for the Airblades against net damage decks and NBN Funhouse.

Bankhar Joy Ride is a cool way to refresh your hand and potentially enable a Deep Dive turn.

The one turn 7-point win combo starts by firing a Khusyuk to see 6 cards from R&D and shuffling if for fresh cards for Deep Dive to see another 8 cards. Use Pichação for extra clicks to steal more agendas or to fire an extra Deep Dive. If all stars align, you can win from zero points by stealing 3 agendas in one turn (1 with Khusyuk, 2 with Deep Dive).

This deck doesn't do well in long games, and the breaker suite is quite fragile but effective in early game, so go for the Joy Dive and fire those Khusyuks early while you can and try to close out the game before heavy server defences are set up.


This deck didn't work as well as I hoped, only winning two games, against A Teia and The Outfit. It dropped games to Aginfusion, Jinteki PE, Precision Design and Reality+.

The fault might have been more in the pilot than in the deck, as I built the deck a few days before the tournament and didn't have enough time to practice with it to get comfortable with the lines of play. I felt like I had a chance in all games except in the PD match where I couldn't find any breakers until it was too late. A couple of Deep Dives and Khusyuks whiffed while on match point in a couple of games, so I think the deck is probably better than tournament win rate suggests. I did enjoy playing the deck in the end and hitting Joy Ride into Deep Dive always felt...very joyful.

Shoutout to @Xtreme for organising another great and successful tournament, to @Zombie for providing a cool venue for the event and hosting us there, to @Jinsei for winning the tournament, and to @kagolskab for playtesting and reminding me that a lot of good 1-cost cards were just released and that Khusyuk is a good card.

Thanks for reading and Always Be Running!

18 Sep 2023 koga

Love the Khusyuk + Deep Dive combo! Congrats on the placement

19 Sep 2023 Cliquil

Be still my heart, this is a beautiful deck

19 Sep 2023 DoubleK

Thanks for the recognition @koga, and @Cliquil! I've seen many of your decklists here on NRDB and I'm a fan. Keep building and posting strange unique creative decks! :)