Lego Criminal (Stimhack Cache Refresh Tournament 4rd)

WildSam 51

I don't really play Runner because there are no Weyland runners (I still wait for adult sysop Chaos Theory, by the way). So after making secret tech Corp deck which now makes me question how I got into top cut I did build this Generic Criminal CR Good Stuff over 15 minutes or so (most spent on trying to notice that I can't use second Desperado).

There is no sideboarding in Netrunner and that's real shame because as it turns out, sideboarding is fun. Our online tourney was 1.5 months long and we were limited only to same ID and big box.

I think quite a success of such untested and generic deck piloted by bad Runner can be explained simply: I never played same deck over course of tournament and teched hard all day every day.

Base is simple: pick worhless H&P for Testing, Legwork (which does wonders in format where people import Gauntlet to pressure HQ) and Passports over SoTs, Casts and Laundries. Run early, run often, trigger ID, cash out with Temmys, cash out with Testing, drop Tapwrms, burn SacCons for them, draw and install cheap breakers (you run multiples anyway), pressure centrals, threaten Inside on remote. Try to land Siphon, try to land Exploit, try to switch the Switch. Drain their defenses and credit pool, be everywhere. Burst install real breakers and opress remote. Pop Legwork. Hammer R&D with Medium.

Yellow was mostly Sync, so: -2 Mimic (they don't run str 3 sentries, btw derezzed Ravens do nothing), -1 Tapwrm, -2 SacCon (they are poor and don't run destroyers), -2 Passport (just let that singleton Archangel fire) +1 Aaron, +2 Sanctuaries, +2 Rabbit Hole (did you know that having 2 link and more money is same or even better than breaking vs most of yellow ICE?), +2 Deuces Wild (breaks HHN math - you get 1 when removing tag instead of losing 3). Respect HHN, Aaron up, try to catch those Breaking News, have more money, cry when they close your accounts.

Purple was mostly EtF and this means who knows what because HB has one ID: Just trade Beth for Gordian to deal with code gate galore. Change Passport to Grappling Hook to get thru big Children and get style points. Mostly style points. I mean, did we pick H&P for nothing?

Green was diverse, so just pile up SacCons and Aarons and do whatever.