Scary Synergies

Schlinge! 46

Scary the runner with the biggest ice available

I thought about this deck just now but I felt obliged to pusblish it, it has so much potential

Mulligan plan : Hedge fund or good drip economy (C.I Fund or CSR Campaign)

Of note, this deck is countered by Tranquilizer. And NO ONE use Apex: Invasive Predator (which is a shame, because it is good).

How to win : Exploit the multiple combos

Special trick : Rime can make your big and scary ice even bigger

With Weyland Consortium Building a Better World, Hedge fund create a credit differential of 5.

This deck is able to achieve its goal by means of multiple combos such as:

  • Send a message can make your rez Orion for free

  • Weyland Consortium Building a Better World with Hedge fund is so good so 2 of them are enough

  • Oaktown Renovation can be scored easily with Dedication ceremony

  • Audacity to score faster

  • Argus Crackdown to scary the runner even more when facing Orion

  • High profile target is there to punish TagMe Zahya

  • Sacrifice can turn Valencia Estevez in a blank ID

  • Ad Blitz is sooo good

  • Consulting Visit to find the right card at the right time

  • Last but not least a single Snare! (Schlinge!) out of nowhere

45 cards instead of 49 to go faster, whatever that means

If you suspect a Stargate, it might be better to put the first Orion on R&D.


22 Feb 2022 Rahrhino

The level of committed pettiness on display here is borderline inspirational

22 Feb 2022 GingercredMan

This is a masterpiece.

22 Feb 2022 GingercredMan

Kind of dickish having seen the context for this.

25 Feb 2022 Roadrunner

What an idea!

25 Feb 2022 BINDA

I have some doubts about some of the combos, Dedication Ceremony can't be used to score that single copy of Oaktown and even Audacity is not that good for 5/3. C.I. Fund? What a card XD

25 Feb 2022 Schlinge!

@BINDAI will keep that in mind for my next decks

@all: thanks for sharing your opinion

25 Feb 2022

@Schlinge!you are mean 😁

26 Feb 2022 postis

This is sad. Why do you feel the need to make fun of a person who's just enjoying themselves? How have you been hurt? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should take your frustrated energy and go do something nice for someone instead.

26 Feb 2022 superheronation

"45 cards instead of 49 to go faster, whatever that means" -- going faster means achieving your deck's win conditions more quickly. Or escalating a romantic relationship, but this has been frowned upon in tournament play since the Scranton disaster.

28 Feb 2022 arcgate

Get a life lmao

28 Feb 2022 Decksmith