CRedit Spam: 6th, Cache Refresh Online Tournament

neuropantser 525

This is the Inversificator Kit list I played in the Cache Refresh Online Tournament. It went 4-1 (+1 forfeit), which, together with my less-impressive corp build, was enough to secure me 6th.

This is rather unabashedly an adaptation of noob kit, and the gameplay will be very familiar to anyone who's piloted that deck. Your first priority is still to stick Mopus and Beth on the table and then pull an Inversificator with SMC (possibly burning a Stimhack). After that, basically just mash Mopus and draw cards and do whatever your heart tells you. Life is pretty great when you can click for 10 a turn.

It's not a perfect port of noob kit, because a lot of the cards aren't legal. You probably click Mopus a few more turns than the standard deck does. I'm on Mimic/DedProc over Femme because 9c is a lot without Test Run, but there's certainly an argument in favor of Femme. There's no stimshop in CR, but stimcloneSMC does a passable impression, and Stimhack is still very good as a card that slams shut scoring windows instead of installing cards. The lack of Legwork hurts, but The Gauntlet is fine as an HQI with 2MU. Note that Inversificator and The Gauntlet is a bit of a nonbo--if you're in a game state where your goal is HQ accesses, pay attention to how you're swapping.

Murder is very strong in Cache, so I conceded a few deck slots to murder protection. On the Lam is your real protection against 24/7 Boom--Citadel doesn't protect you from 24/7 Closed Accounts HHN, and even Mopus can't clear the tags quickly enough from 0 credits. Citadel only saves you from 24/7 Boom, and it is very much a last resort as murder prevention--it's much better as a dedicated host for On the Lam. For 2 influence, I like On the Lam over Aaron because it can't be MCA'd. Feedback Filter + Mopus should be enough to beat any deck that wants to net you to death, and I think that by itself is reason enough to slot one. Honestly, though, the best way to avoid getting murdered is to steal 7 points. Always be ripping.

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