Noah’s MaxX (31st at Worlds)

podoboyz99 2364

This is the runner list from the glass house 2017. Not everyone decided to play it due to it being created by myself and @nobo two days before the tournament and people on the team being concerned with not having enough practice. No long write up this time (due to a disappointing finish because of my average CTM list), but this deck is a very strong contender in the current meta with good matchups vs all kinds of non boom CI, PU, Aginfusion, and a coin flip CTM matchup. This deck can for sure be improved upon, but this is the best we could come up with in the time we had. Cards we considered, but ultimately deemed not good enough: Build script, Process automation, Diesil, Bank Job, and Stimhack. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the choices of playstyle in the comments.

10 Nov 2017 binarydogs

@podoboyz99 have you found the single Dean to be enough? Also how is the econ if you fail to find Tapwrm? I tested the earlier Null version and appreciated having the SMC to fetch a GoW as early as possible. Did you generally find you could accrue tags fast enough to be a threat against faster corp decks without it?

10 Nov 2017 podoboyz99

@binarydogsTapwrm isnt used as a econ card for the most part in this ddck, it's used to stall the corp. You can retrival run Tapwrm if theres nothing else you need to ret run, and you usually mulligan for econ in your opener. This deck is very linear and very consistent in it's gameplan, and it is actually much faster than the null version.

22 Nov 2017 Pink

What does MaxX do against Skorpios?

Why Legwork and Rebirth? Why no Levy? "Freedom Through Equality" over Hacktivist?

Gonna repeat @binarydogsquestion about Dean Lister: Single Dean good enough?

I realize that's a lot of questions, but I fell in love with the concept of MaxX, but joined the game only recently (post-Rotation), and have been trying to figure out a way to make her work that doesn't suck in a world where all the the things that used to make her so shiny are gone.