Poop Scoop (1st Place Toronto SC)

Mr.Jank 272

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Whenever building a corp deck I think of how to punish the runner. This brings me more pleasure than winning. Flatlining is always the preferred win condition. An Argus fan for the longest time and every kill sent tingles of joy up my spine :) After runners received film critic every deck had one... Argus died a little inside. When Vanity Project came out I built a deck in 3 minutes basically a 5 agenda Blue Sun deck that focused on getting 2 Punitives in hand and more money then the runner so that when they hit their first agenda they're dead. Film critic really ruined this, so I imported 3 Janus, 3 Assassin and used Twins as my second win condition. Braining someone to death is the ultimate experience!!! Temujin makes the money race much harder now and stealth Shapers like Smoke will piss all over your sentries so Janus hurts the corp more then the runner. The tank game doesn't work anymore. Consistency is something that took years to figure out. Since I like high risk/reward type decks after you've played me a couple rounds you figure out my plan and poop on it. Exchange Of Information
This card... what? how does it work? OMG so you mean I can give them a Vanity project and then steal it from them??? On top of that leave them with 2 TAGS!!! Say no more this is my jam, my sweet sexy jam and its going to be spread everywhere!!! Unfortunately giving away 4 point agendas is way to risky and after enough auto losses from my Blue sun days decided Globals are the safer route. Boom came out now bestowing upon me the dream team of a deck that can be used to throw poop in your face one way or another :) The main goal is to kill the runner as fast as possible. Sometimes by turn 2 install wraparound, Breaking News, advance once. next turn score and Boom! It needs 3 Booms for speed. Get the kill ASAP or you have to play the game. News Teams are great for the most part especially when facing Anarchs. No CVS because I hate tech cards. Archangels are my CVS. I don't worry about these Andy power tap decks because they are too slow. If anything with a Nexus is facing me just means I gotta fly. This deck is not in any way a tank. It's a speedy little ninja. The ice is mostly cheap and the Pop ups/Turnpikes slowly drain the runner early. All too often games are won or lost by a credit and Pop up could be that. I used to like to dump 3 Quantums & News teams into archives behind a raven when the runner checks it makes me feel like a better person for saving those poor kittens from the trash. But hard scoring Quantums sucks so swapped for a Beale. Had Enigma but so much Yog out there figured Data pike would be better especially early game. Quicksand not sure of, was thinking Assassin or Cobra but late game can be useless in many match ups. Money is needed to rez Sansan and score, not to spend rezzing ice that will tempo hit me/get Parasite/Shutdown. Safe from Siphon mostly cause I don't keep more money then enough to rez ice and or Sansan. Learning how much money to have is an art in itself. Keep enough to rez and or score. Don't be greedy or you'll be too slow and they will take everything from you. So many times Globals have been scored naked or behind garbage ice. If they steal 2 its ok especially if I'm trying to get rid of their NACH before they get the Film Critic on the table. The best is scoring 3-4 agendas be it 1-2 pointers then 24/7 EOI, EOI. It needs the two: 24/7, EOI. lots of the time they clog your hand but when you need them and the time comes you cant afford to look for them or your window of offerpoopity will pass... :( You have to figure out whats happening. Is this a game where your going to have to work on the Exchange route or can you still get a kill? The closed accounts and All Seeing are great one ofs. This deck is one of my favorites to play it uses your brain and is so much more fun than sitting around with CTM waiting to Hard Hitting News people (thats just plain mean). It forces the runner to go faster then they want to. In that mistakes will be made and when they are you can give them a Scoop of Poop.

If you enjoy this check out Ms.Jank they are meant to be enjoyed together.

21 Dec 2016 adquen

"Sometimes turn 1 install wraparound, Breaking News, advance once. next turn score and Boom! It needs 3 Booms for speed."

How is that supposed to work?

Turn 1, start with 5 creds, install Wraparound, install BN, advance once -> down to 4 creds. Turn 2, start with 4 creds, advance once & score, down to 3 creds ... with two clicks and 3 credits left, you can't play BOOM! the same turn. You are one credit short (or one click, if you click for a credit).

22 Dec 2016 Mr.Jank

Poop your right maybe turn 2 then ;)

23 Dec 2016 shanodin

Yellow kill thumbs up will give this a go when I can. Well done :)