The Scourge of Jnet Casual (24-1)

ClosDeLaRoche 700

The Scourge

R+ doesn't need Drago to be degenerate AF.

Like the old Argus decks, you have three paths to victory:

1) Put the runner in tag hell with HHN then Boom. 3x Econ Warfare & spending money to get through taxing ice and clearing tags should get the runner low enough on credits for a HHN to stick.

2) Put the runner in tag hell with a combination of Prisec and ice then Boom. This is a more viable option if the runner is doing a good job staying high on credits. Set up a scoring remote with a combination of Funhouse, Ping, Border Control and a Prisec or two. IAA a Bellona or IA a Tomorrow's Headline and let the runner steal if it forces them to either end-turn on 2 tags or spend enough credits to then Econ Warfare -> HHN them next turn.

3) Score out. If the runner is too afraid to run the remote you built from path #2 then score points. All of your agendas, minus 15 Minutes, will give you credits on score therefore you are not losing tempo. In short, paths #1 & #2 do not become less viable by scoring points.

Notes on a few includes:

Border Control. Too versatile not to include. Put on HQ against crim or Esa, any central against Apoc, otherwise stack it with a Funhouse on the remote.

Prisec. Can meat-damage Apoc and gives you a way to put the runner in tag hell without landing HHN or holding an HQ-constraining operation. Baiting the Pinhole Threading is evil.

Predictive Planogram. Like BC it plays multiple roles, all seemingly minor things but that make the deck function more smoothly. We need a way to bounce back from 0 credits, it's single-tag punishment and we can 1st-click-draw-3 to get the Boom when we need it.

I feel apprehensive publishing this because I don't want to play against it but hey, let's all work together to make Jnet casual a nastier place yes?

Have fun and rage quit,



18 Oct 2022 MikeJS

Please delete this immediately. Thank you.

18 Oct 2022 Kikai

I too miss playing Argus

19 Oct 2022 is44ru

Great Argus deck, I love it

20 Oct 2022 Davidmc7

This is why I don't play JNet casual anymore. When you play this kind of deck face to face in your local meta, you have to endure the look of hatred from the person across the table, so you think twice before playing that filth.

20 Oct 2022 Gobbet

Was one of the 24. This deck Boom'd my water supply, pinged my crops, and delivered hard hitting news unto my houses.

2 Nov 2022 meta4

Did you not play against much Wu? Cause I don't really see how you win vs Aesop + misdirection. You'll never land a HHN against her, and she can just run through funhouse, turnpike and eat a prisec tag and just clear everything with misdirection. Your only etr is some barriers, which seem like they can be dealt with by even a weak Fracter like Gauss. Am I missing something here?

4 Nov 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

meta4, you're right. This deck is built to punish mistakes hard. If the runner misplays, usually by running too soon, this deck wins. Also, the runner thinking it's Drago prison when it's not can lead to misplays. Smart play, knowing the decklist, keeping a high credit total and slotting misdirection makes for a difficult matchup.

8 Nov 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

One more note: an NGO front or two is good in this deck. When the runner is on 4 or 5 points this deck becomes much weaker. Bluffing with NGO can be your way out of that situation. -1 daily quest -1 prisec for 2 NGO is a nice tweak