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bubo 351

I've been playing around with this deck for the last two weeks, and have reached the point where I need some outside input to find the next level. This is a Jinteki Agenda Point build with Project Junebug backup, but utilizing concepts found in rpgdmcash's Jinteki Matchpoint Run build. The goal of this deck is to allow me to advance my Agendas at leisure with the security of RSVP matched against payment requiring Agendas and supported by Caprice Nisei and Red Herrings.


After playing around with different configurations, I landed on Celebrity Gift with Medical Research Fundraiser. Hedge Fund may play better than MRF, but I wanted to evaluate how the gift credits to the Runner play out under RSVP and Caprice. There is likely room for Subliminal Messaging in here, but I prefer running lean decks when possible.


Agendas were selected to match up against RSVP's ability. Fetal AI, NAPD Contract, and The Future Perfect may not be the most efficient Agendas available, but they satisfy that need. Medical Breakthrough was in this deck for the longest time, and may make it's way back, but the current Agenda mix exploit RSVP's full capability.


Jackson Howard plays his usually tricks here, and Project Junebug exists solely to install with Mushin no Shin if I reach Phase 3 without threatening match point. GRNDL Refineries played a role here for awhile, but I felt the influence was better spent on RSVP and Red Herrings.


Celebrity Gift and Medical Research Fundraiser are my economy base and can be recursed through Jackson Howard. Precongnition allows me to protect Agendas when necessary and optimally arrange my next 5 draws. Mushin no Shin is my trick card for pulling faster and cheaper Agendas out. In addition, Mushin can plant an end game Junebug as necessary, as described in my GRNDL: Quick as a Corpse deck.


The ICE was selected with the intent of building 3 layer defenses on my servers. Himitsu-Bako provides Phase 1 protection with the flexibility of movement in later phases. Shinobi is a hole card that will only be rezzed if it looks like I can flatline the Runner with just Shinobi. The goal is to have the Runner hit Chum followed by Inazuma into RSVP. RSVP provides excellent non-ETR protection of the Agendas in this deck, and combos nicely with Caprice Nisei and Red Herrings. Plus, an RSVP hit sets up the Runner for a Shinobi flatline.


This is not the completed version of the deck, but at this time I find myself recursing back and forth between the same 4 tweaks. I need to know how a determined Runner is going to destroy this plan so that I can work out the next level of strategy with this.

15 Apr 2014 omegalife2002

I really like the look of this deck. Some thoughts:

MRF - I think I like Hedge Fund better here. In a deck that looks to tax the runners credits, I would hesitate to give them free money. It is an interesting card, but I prefer the good old standby.

The Future Perfect - I go back and forth with this card here. It does synergize with the whole "each agenda protects itself" theme, but Medical Breakthrough is just too perfect for this deck to ignore. I think I would definite put that in here.

Precognition - Maybe? I also like the idea of plugging in a Yagura in it's place. That gives you another piece of ICE to work with and taxes the runner a card.

Overall, great deck and I can't wait to try it when H&P comes out!

16 Apr 2014 bubo

@omegalife2002: I do agree that Hedge Fund would likely play better than MRF here. It's current inclusion was so that I can evaluate it under a strong RSVP environment.

I had Medical Breakthrough in here for a long time, and I agree that it plays well in most cases. My concern is the weakened security against a 6 point match environment. After careful consideration, I decided to trust in RSVP and Caprice against a Rush/FA build, which is when Medical Breakthrough was cut.

I'm going to test out Yagura in place of Precog. My gut feeling is that these two cards really play different roles, with Yagura being more protective and Precog being more strategic. However, I haven't played with Yagura nearly enough so I'll give it some test runs.