Coyote save

Menghini 37

Took this deck to the Enschede Regionals and came in 6th out of 17 after a 3 years hiatus of playing Netrunner.

I wanted a deck that could go for a kill, but also for a score. So the Coyote Revenge ( grabbed my attention. I always liked playing NBN back in the days...

I don't really like taking chances, so I adjusted the deck to my playstyle: I put in the GFI agenda, as well as Project Beale and took away some SSL's and DM's to make sure I don't lose to a deep dig.

As I'm a save player, I put in some more ICE (Pachinko) and wanted to punish runs on remotes more with upgrades (KP Lynn and Prisec, though it could have been 2 Prisecs…) My experience was that my remotes were pretty save: I didn't get much runs on them).

I also toyed with adding another tag punishment (closed accounts or psychographics), but I felt I needed something to react on a Clan Vengeance. So I added another Preemptive Action instead.

It was fun playing the deck, but I noticed that my heart lies with scoring out instead of flatlining a runner.