The OTHER Jemison at UKNats

ClenchMortified 14

I took decks to the UK Nationals I was comfortable playing and which I wanted to surprise people with. Surprisingly this deck wasn't too shabby. City Works Project is good and rezing an Archer using a 2 point agenda to dump three more tokens on it while a runner has just filled their hand and initiated a run is a play I will be forever happy with, Ben is a nasty little friend in there also. The combo of scoring an Armed Intimidation without using clicks by rezzing Oberth and Corporate Town to then BOOM never came off, but this wasn't really meant to be a kill deck, just scare runners enough to score out agendas. Thanks to everyone who I played at Nationals, it was a great day and congrats to Tim Fowler, a well deserved win.

28 Aug 2018 Cliquil

It was a pleasure to meet you! The Ben Musashi / City Works combo is certainnly amusing - must have made some people really sweat!

-The Other Jemison player, Guy

28 Aug 2018 ClenchMortified

@Cliquil you will forever be a Jemison legend for DROPPING A METEOR on a runner. It was great to meet you. I think the only reason this beat your partners runner is she was so scared of your Jemison build she didn't realise this one was the inferior model!

28 Aug 2018 Cliquil

Oh btw Quarantine Systems was the card I was trying to think of when we spoke. I hope we are able to compare Jemison fun in future; though I'm taking a break from the ID for a while just to keep the people around me guessing. :D