Crouching Asa, Hidden PD -2nd Place Seattle Circuit Breaker


Going into out circuit breaker I was pretty down on corp, nothing really jumped out to me. I was going to “just play PD”, but then I saw the Sports deck that played all the broken PD cards with the concept of the ID firing more than the 2-3 times a game with PD. This was my inspiration of trying the same idea with ASA. The biggest difference is using your Asa trigger to install an iced remote with Jeeves, taking place of 3x Seamless to NA your agendas. I added one seamless back if you need it early game or to score a food with jeeves. Otherwise you play just like PD, you don’t go as wide as standard ASA decks, 2-3 remotes max (scoring + Jeeves usually. The outcome: it was a joy to play since your deck is so full of installables that you can use your ID ability basically every turn you aren’t scoring. The bonus of having Jeeves is nice to get 5 clicks worth of actions each turn. A better player than me would counter that you lose quality with the larger deck and not recurring seamless, which might be true. This deck did not lose on the day but had an unfortunate level of timed games due to my NWE Adam deck battling hard against PDs. If I were to change the deck I might try to fit a second crisium due to all the deep dive.