Simple and Clean PD (4th and 16th @Worlds 2023)

Longi 1899


This is Bridgeman´s Simple and Clean PD. The only difference is -1 M.I.C. and +1 Drafter. I cannot stress enough how much I love this ice in PD, both for its face-check effect and its cost/breaking ratio against currently played sentry breakers. My buddy @Mildesorte came to the same conclusion and the deck helped him secure 4th place. Congrats buddy, it was one hell of a ride! For both of us.

Visiting Worlds 2023 was an amazing experience. Firstly, I like the city itself, secondly, I like the local NR crew that gathers around famous B-com tournaments, so I was super excited to find out that they decided to upgrade to Worlds. And what a great job they did!

Everybody knows I keep playing NR for its amazing community. As usual, I was happy to meet old friends and make new ones. I was also really glad to finally meet some members of my testing group Unband whom I had not seen IRL before. Its always good to put faces behind the jnet handles. Lastly, I was super grateful for the company of Czech players who made for a lovely company. And of course, making top 16 cut also counts for some happy moments :D

17 Oct 2023 mcg

It was some turnaround from where you were at lunchtime on Saturday. Great job!

18 Oct 2023 Longi

@mcg Thank you. And yeah, I did not drop a single game from that point on. But I was really down with my results at that time. Good lunch and good company helped a lot;)

19 Oct 2023 mildesorte10

I am really glad for that third Drafter, incredible Ice in Carmen meta :)