Janksgiving Winning Ken

internet 806

!jank roll - Ken Tenma + Lamprey + Mining Accident + Inversificator

This deck went 4-0(!) during the Janksgiving tournament:

  • Won by pulling points off centrals vs. Neuromaxim
  • Won by being a jerk with Inversificator + Doof vs. meetingadjourned
  • Won by seeing Obokata off Embezzling operations (oops), then Legworking
  • Won by being a jerk with Inversificator + landing a triple Mining Accident turn vs. saetzero

I was thrilled to roll a great icebreaker + two econ denial cards, so that was the direction I took the deck in. It's heavily reliant on keeping those accessing rollin' to stay up economically, so if the corp glaciers up it struggles, but Mining Accident hopefully defrays that a bit. Lamprey is kinda bad in criminal since everyone immediately ices HQ so you can't crush their econ with it :(