Thanks Kwind! (1st place, Osnabrück, Germany, 13 players)

Mirilu 135

This deck was published by @kwind some days before the tournament. I really like to play HB glacier, but after the release of sifr it didn't seem the best choice for the competitive scene. Luckily I saw this deck (, read the description and tried it out. The result: went undefeated through this tournament. I played against Leela (2 times), Whizzard and Geist (2 times). I played hellion beta test only twice the whole day, still I think it makes the runner play differently. Only the threat make them sweat and decide not to trash my cool assets and and upgrades. Crisium Grid on HQ is wonderful if you can stop either Temüjin or much more importantly Siphons. With your Severs sealed with taxing ice, running economy will have bad times. You can really rush with this deck, without worriing so much to spend all your money in scoring (being sure you can protect your centrals), because you will recover your money very quickly with AAL and Launch campaign. There are three biotics in the deck, just to be sure to have it when you need it. I would not reccomend you to use it for your first agendas, just play the never advance game and score them beyond a vanilla (amazing). Don't worry if they find their fracter and take it, just install more ICE and install every turn something in it, it could always be an agenda! Just make pressure, play risky but safely, have fun!

20 Feb 2017 Mirilu

PS: Sorry @Kwind for changing your deck's name and thank you again for posting it!

21 Feb 2017 kwind

Awesome, glad to see it worked out well for you.

One of your observations is consistent with mine after I published the list. I've noticed more people going out of their way not to trash my stuff early for fear of HBT, but I figure it's win-win. Either you get to blow stuff up, or your launch campaign or whatever gives you enough cash to keep moving fast and keep the pressure on. I'm good either way.

PS. AAL is great in the Leela matchup.

21 Feb 2017 Mirilu

yeah! It's amazing! :) lot's of fun of playing it, thanks again!