Core 2.0 Teaching League (1st)

SpaceIce 368

Runner deck for @Fighting Walloon's teaching league where it only dropped one game. Mostly the same as it was in the first week but I played around with the number of Retrieval Runs/Crash Spaces/Mem Chips/Personal Touches. I'm not sure this is the best formulation but it got the job done. Not much strategy beyond mulligan for Magnum and then just run into stuff. Even against Jinteki you probably won't die.

  • Money can be tricky without getting Magnum by turn 2. It's usually all you need but you can't do a damn thing until it's out.
  • I never really figured out how to deal with Archer without Femmeing it. Dinosaurus is way too cumbersome to be reliable, and I didn't install it in half my games. I was probably pretty lucky to not face more Weyland decks.
  • 3 Maker's/2 Indexing could probably be flipped, but two R&D runs in a turn can be tricky when you still need to threaten the remote. One off HQI is great though, a lot of games are all about R&D and the remote, until you hammer HQ for a turn late and find a bunch of agendas.
  • Not sure Personal Touch, Crash Space, or Sac Con ever really mattered much, but I think they were worth having.