Go Fast & Stay Home aka not spombo(Top8 Ntscapenavigator SC)

Sokka 1322

IT’S NOT SPOMBO!! (And it’s also not Jinja!) My opponents were surprised, the commentators were surprised, everyone and their aunt was surprised. I’m mainly posting my lists for ABR stats but I will take this opportunity to officially apologize to the people who thought I was on spombo. Don’t worry I wouldn’t do that to you in a real tournament. What can I do to make up the trust that was lost?

I will say that the existence of spombo will make some runners think twice before running my servers and that’s quite nice because if this deck is allowed to score two agendas off the board that’s oftentimes GG. Fast advancing at least 2 agendas is often quite trivial with the hardest part being drawing the agendas. Against clot you just race them on a remote and they’re usually either too slow or they need to use their Simulchips to get in.

My runner was TapShiko

Thanks to everyone involved in running the tournament and to all the players who played. Despite a 4am start for me, I truly had a great time and the Netrunner community continues to be the best :)

Also there’s no 2021 Store Champs NRDB label 🤔