Mti Pockets

mcg 943

This was the pretty standard Mti list I took to B-Com. In practice it had been a monster, with an 85% win rate across opponents on jnet. But on the day I just never seemed to have the money I needed to rez the defences and push out.

It tied with Maxx (went to time when I was in strong position), lost to Hailey (got to five points but then couldn't break the lock of infinite credits), and 419 (super rich again). The wins came against Jes and a different 419.

One easy change would be swapping some Anansis for Tsurugis, which seems to be the hot new Mti tech. And maybe just some cheaper ice in general. I still think Mti is really strong despite my poor showing.

24 Jan 2019 vesper

Thank you for coming over to our little event and making it great! Looking forward to more Netrunner encounters in 2019 with you :) As long as we can find a good and cheap menu for lunch, we should be fine ;)

26 Jan 2019 mcg

The event was great without, but the lunch was fantastic! Hope to see you again soon.