[SBL 21.10 playtest] 6mari

osclate 687

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds.

21 Oct 2021 Jinsei

Pls compare and constrast with netrunnerdb.com

I think:

  • Regolith is better than Daily Quest since it doesn't clog the valueable scoring remote.
  • HHN Kill package is (potentially) better than defensive setup.

  • Degree Mill 'might' be better than Send a Message - not sure about this one.

Nice build yo :)

21 Oct 2021 x3r0h0ur

To be fair, you can overwrite the Daily Quest whenever you want, and being able to let it run forever if you need more money is a real upside. Its probably about a toss up between DQ and Reg IMO. If you draw ice heavy out of the gate, you could feasibly have a second remote that the runner has to contest to stop your DQ, where Reg would run out eventually.

2 Oct 2022 Jinsei

In retrospect I was wrong about all those points. Don't listen to me. :)