Better lucky than good 1st place Australian Nationals

firesa 670

Went 5-0 on day 1 and 2-0 on day 2.

Round 1 win v Kit

Round 2 win v Hayley (lock?)

Round 3 win v Geist

Round 4 win v DLR Maxx

Round 5 win v Andy good stuff with inversificator.

Top cut win v sifr wiz and then Andy good stuff (with inversificator) in grand final.

Didn't get time to practice much so just wanted to play something similar to a 49 RP prison deck I played at regionals. This version feels like it can beat wiz in the long game if you get money behind ice early. Not sure I'd change anything.

No games went to time and they shouldn't.

Thanks to Garth for being a good testing partner, and for lending me some cards. I'll learn how to link the list this was based on and how to add a random gif when I next have computer access @_@

28 Aug 2017 ryanbantwins

Congratulations on the win. 54-prison RP = best deck ever made :)

28 Aug 2017 firesa

@ryanbantwins haha thanks for commenting, your regional list was definitely the basis for this, and I have been pretty happy with how this deck has performed for me :)