Sorry To Bother You - 10th at UK Nats

laneford 228

Self growthing your paparazzis like... Murder Kill

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12 Nov 2019 Japoco

Self growth programme - that’s some spicy anti dummy box Liza tech!

12 Nov 2019 laneford

It does what it says on the tin! Two Liza's faced and two Liza's summarily exploded

13 Nov 2019 Thike

How much worse did you feel your non-Liza matchups were for having HPT instead of Boom! + Archived?

13 Nov 2019 laneford

@Thikeit didn't prove an issue on the day, obviously HPT being non trashable (except freedom) means the archived is less of an issue, and it allows for convis into Self Growth into High Profile Target which you can't obviously do with Boom. That said, I didn't see a single Obelus all day, so maybe it's safe to go back to Boom?

Biggest danger without archived is probably losing all the echo chambers which I was very afraid of each game but didn't prove to be a problem.