Office Boy (2nd at Lockdown 11)

Shorty 165

The deck went 4/2 on Lockdown 11 and carried me to a satisfying second place.

Every win feels like an true accomplishment and its a lot of fun to play even if you first need to wrap your head around it.

Deck is quite synergistic in a really weird kind of way. Patchwork and Bookmark are keycards to ensure your ID triggers, the win condition is bound to Stim Implants to dig deeply into RND or sometimes even flush out HQ.

Nisei MK2, Border Control and Bio Vault are your biggest enemies, makes the deck kinda unplayable in Standart format if you are not an true masochist. Also the existence of Hoshiko alone makes Gnat so sad.

See you in Lockdown#12!

1 Feb 2021 Cpt_nice

This is a fun take on Gnat!