Re-Restrict VLC (4th at Worlds)

rustryder 212

This is the corp deck which somehow took me to 4th place of worlds 2019.

I have been on a similar ASA for some time now and I decided to play it as I felt most comfortable with it and has legs against most competitive runners right now: - it is rich enough to withstand criminal credit denial - it can create really expensive and hard to destroy servers - it can rush out fast enough against lock shaper

Since I planned to play this deck not just for the current but also for the upcoming MWL I smartly decided to use my (future)restricted slot on VLC. Jokes aside, I tried this with GFI but ASA glacier needs a lot of influence for ICE and additionally and more importantly does this deck loses against credit denial without the SSLs.

some card choices:

2x Crisium: excellent card in the current meta. Almost every factions has high impact successful run effects. Most importantly, stops Apoc, Stargate and Diversion of Funds. It even triggers with ASA. Never sad to have drawn one.

2x Ichi and 1x Loki: both we picked for the same reason. In faction and super awkward to break while being below 5 strength. I ran into some problems in testing when playing against D4 recursion - these two provide reasonable solutions. Loki also functions as early protection against non-AI Apoc. While late game becoming a non-clickable ichi or fairchild.

1 x Advanced Assembly Lines: took the spot of the third IPO for many reasons. Its early money, triggers with ASA and or Jinja, acts as a sick Architect target, can be used a bluffed Vitruvius. All those upsides outweighed the downsides of being trash-able and weak to hacktivist.

The lack of Barriers: I was afraid of Freedoms Jusuf, so I included just enough barriers to make the runner get a fracter and tax mainly with the other subtypes.

This deck lost (I think this was its only loss, please correct me otherwise) to ToThBeBe's masterfully played Adam. He detected weakness in HQ and exploited early with a sick Stimhack plus TTW from which I couldnt recover.

Super happy with the deck and my performance. Would not change a card.

Lastly, it was great meeting all the lovely netrunner peeps which I had only known from Jnet. Thanks to NISEI for keeping the show running and another big THANK YOU to Lost Geek, Tradon, Herbart Klopstock and Zomb for lending me decks without which I could not have played.

9 Oct 2019 Longi

Hey man, really interesting take on ASA. I always believed it to be better ID fot Jinja Grid than Sportsmetall. Congrats on the result. It was a damn close match we had when we 2for1ed for top 16.

9 Oct 2019 rustryder

Thanks, I believe so too.

Yeah, it was super coin-flippy, you could have made T16 easily instead of me. With all the 2-4-1's its very swingy. I think I went from somewhere around place 27 after round 7 to second place in swiss after just 2 super close 2-4-1's.

10 Oct 2019 Klopstock

Very well done! Congratulations on a really strong finish and being worth every single point of Betrunner value :)

10 Oct 2019 Tolaasin

It was super to meet you after all our games on That first round loss to you feels much better now I know you made 4th!

15 Oct 2019 manveruppd

So cool that you don't even own the cards to build this deck and came top 4! :D

16 Oct 2019 rustryder

@Tolaasin It really was very nice meeting you in person. Sorry again for putting you down 0-6. Glad I could elliviate it by my placement :)

@manveruppd Yes, the discontinuation had some upsides to it. Proxies for the win.