Jammy/rushy HB - London BABW first place

maxey 1769

This is my version of the basic jammy HB archetype popularised by Ben Ni and James Bennet. Basic strategy is to rush behind ice early and then biotic any remaining agendas when the runner is set up enough to get in. Playing the never advance game behind taxing ice is also important.

Tarmar is a card I have been playing with since I saw Ben Ni using it. Its a very interesting card which can do amazing work in some situations. It can often be a better siphon defense than crisium and if you can make it trigger, 10 credits is insane. Chronos project is fantastic in the current meta, especially with criminals often thinking they can just ditch paperclip. Forcing a crim to femme a vanilla is the best feeling.

This deck can be a little random at times, especially if you are a hard man who fires ABTs. In general this deck does very well against criminal and very badly against anarch. It is however a deck that always gives you outs to any matchup which is very nice.

Game 1 - Laurie Poultry - Whizzard Dumble whizz. This is a very bad matchup and I think I didnt play it particularly well. Bioticed a couple of ABTs and got vanilla and magnet for my efforts and I just didnt manage to tax R&D out of the medium digs. Laurie played it well.

Game 2 - UK top 8 competitor Dr Tagore Nakornchai - Gabe Very good matchup for this deck. Criminals need time to find their stuff so I was able to rush out a GFI and biotic 2 agendas for the win before they got really set up. putting a random card in a scoring server and taking 3 each turn until you have enough money to biotic is great fun.

Game 3 - Daniel Bergel - Whizzard I knew he was on temujin whizz which worried me cause its a bad matchup. I managed to get a good start icing up my centrals and playing tarmar naming mimic. I got those credits cause he didnt want to facecheck an archetect. After that I was just able to race the breakers in the remote and then biotic out the agendas before they set up the R&D lock.

Game 4 - Den - Valencia This was some crazy breakerless build which was super stressful to play against. I managed to score the first agenda turn 2 cause they played run amok last click which was a misplay cause I just sacrificed a vanilla and scored. Rest of the game was not so straight forward. Ddos medium got them 4 points and they played a freedom which really put pressure on. I then had to resign to biotic out the rest of the agendas while fearing the game losing blackmail. I also discarded the third biotic in my hand cause 2 was enough before they rebirthed into kim and trashed one of them, aghhhh. In the end I just managed to find the agenda and biotic before they found the last agenda, super close.

Game 5 - Hailey Kenyon - Andromeda As I said, criminal is a good matchup. I managed to rush out a GFI early which sets me very far ahead. I managed to close off all servers to make temujin less profitable and then just rush/biotic out the last couple of agendas. Lateral did work this game cause I drew it when I was at 4 creds so I could win that turn.

6 Sep 2016 Saan

Laurie Poultry

6 Sep 2016 HedgeFundHedges

Laurie Poultry

that was a highlight for me too

7 Sep 2016 Nemamiah

There was a UK regional where the TO alternatively and inadvertantly read his name out at Larry Poulter and Laurie Poultry.

So now he's Larry Poultry.

10 Sep 2016 basic.channel

Took this list to Australian nats cause it was fun and ended up making made top eight. A blast to pilot all day long!

12 Sep 2016 fancywookiee

Swansea Regional Larry Poultry Never4Get.

Cheers for the decks, really like the look of these.