Return of RegAss?

stephenball 998

Anybody who knows me, or has read my previous published decklists, knows that my favorite archetype of all time is Reg MaxX. It was the most fun competitive deck ever in my eyes, and was unfairly taken from us by the Most Wanted List. Since then I've been trying to find a balance to keep the archetype alive, with limited success. But now I believe the time is here. The Flashpoint cycle has given us the tools that I believe have made Reg MaxX competitively viable again. Not just viable, but in testing it's been found to be quite strong against most matchups.

The key here is money and speed. The deck is packed with economy, so it's generally not difficult to stabilize quickly with your money. Get yourself set up, control the board with Parasite and Scrubber, keep your econ high. An important element is that now that we have recursion breakers of all types with the release of MKUltra, you become incredibly difficult to gear check if you have money (Stimhack added to help this). You can get to the standard Anarch late game very quickly with even a decent draw.

There really isn't much to say. Get money, trash assets, break/trash ICE, steal agendas. MaxX's ability is among the very best in the game as far as power levels go, and this deck intends to fully take advantage of that. There are some changes that will be tested (cutting a D4v1d for a Strike, other minor changes), but overall this is the skeleton of what is, I believe, a very strong and fun deck that I think anyone can enjoy piloting.

Note: As far as the 47 card deck size goes, we started with 47 cards in testing, figuring we would be able to get it down to 45, which has been difficult. Spots are very tight, and it's continued to consistently win at 47, so it's staying for now.

21 Dec 2016 Benjen

Neat. I'll build it and try it out. Looks great!

21 Dec 2016 stephenball

@Benjen Let me know how it goes if you do!

22 Dec 2016 Leviathan

I feel like finding some room for some Slums for those dirty message controllers wouldn't be a bad thing.

23 Dec 2016 moistloaf

Why Levy here? For attrition match ups?

23 Dec 2016 stephenball

@Leviathan While I don't think it's a bad card, I think Slums is a bit overrated when it comes to beating CTM. Deck spots are really tight, and if I were to make room for Slums it would be probably cutting real economy, which I think is more valuable.

@moistloaf If it all possible it's great to not Levy, but sometimes it's the right thing to do even if it isn't a full attrition matchup. If you have the proper econ to Levy, it's valuable to shuffle back a ton of economy and Parasites.