ID 419 - 3rd at APAC

triorph 902

Bye sweep sweep ID ID is the dream and I got the closest of anyone at APAC by doing split sweep sweep ID ID.

This is a pretty bog standard 419 written in my decklists as "no mining accident 419", however I think it is worth publishing as its pretty well tuned and has good game against everything that isn't Titan.

Originally when building this list, I was on Mining Accident 419. Our testing group thought that the top 4 corps to watch out for were Gamenet glacier, Titan, Outfit and combo Asa, and we figured that as awesome as Mining Accident is against the rest of the field, it is kind of bad against all of those. With Gamenet you give them too many gamenet triggers if you're running their ice that much. With titan and asa they just move too fast for you to get the value out of it (and you even lose the value paying 2c) and lastly Outfit just makes money from the bad pub.

So instead we swapped out for Engolo + Paperclip. We also realised that Aumakua is a bit worse at the moment, so went down to 2 of those.

With no Mining Accident in your list, you maybe need a little more tech for the asset and tag matchups, so we added 1x ms bones, upped the citadel to 2x (maybe overkill) and added 1x NOH.

Then lastly we looked at those top 4 corp decks and realised that Plop is really big against all 4 of them as well, killing Daily Quest/Echo Chamber, Recoco and Recoco, and Reversed accounts, and also hitting Rashida out of all 4.

Overall this deck went 2-1 in the cut, losing to an Argus in a very tight game where they top deck off R&D the agenda I'm trying to stop them drawing the one turn that I take a break from checking R&D, then beating 2x Sportsmetals.

In the cut I beat a previously undefeated mirrormorph, beat gamenet (despite losing my TTW) and lost to Titan.

My corp was an exact card to card copy of the outfit list that came 4th at BLM. Not sure it was the best choice but it was fun and easy to play when you're out of practice with Netrunner.

Shout out to all the people who helped me test and build, including our superfriendos ANZ team of chaosjuggler, inactivist, rjorb, lukevanryn, anzekay and deepspawn, and for kysra for talking over decks with me prior to the event. Congrats to wb111 for winning.

I'd really appreciate some likes and favs and comments because I'm super out of deckslots on NRDB.

22 Jul 2020 Longi

Hey, nice deck and congrats on the final standings! If you were to cut the 2nd citadele, what card would you slot instead? Also doesn´t this deck have MU problems with 2MU Engolo and Rezekis?

23 Jul 2020 triorph

I'd probably add the 2nd Daily Casts, although I like the idea of putting in an Inside Job. It definitely has potential MU problems but in practice you (usually) don't draw your programs too fast and only need to install what you can. Your final rig is usually something like aumakua + backup breaker + 2x rezeki or engolo + paperclip + bukh + 1x rezeki and having 2x rezeki is still value just to make sure you find the most important one early.