Phobos and Deimos - 1st Nordics National Championships

TugtetguT 1939

Or just moons I guess :-)

I cut Quandary, which isn't very good against GoW, for CVS to properly tech against my own runner deck. In round two of Swiss CVS saved me from a 10+ counter surveillance dig, so I'm happy with that decision.

In swiss I faced Counter Surveillance Kim and Counter Surveillance Whizzard. In the cut 2x Desperado Whizzards. The players were @ravnr, Peter (who's internet name I do not know), @Lime and @Terrificy. My loss was against @Terrificy in the grand finals.

The deck went 3-1 all in all.

Thank you for all the games!

28 Aug 2017 kollapse

That Quandary for CVS would have made my Swiss a whole lot easier, great tech.

28 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

Haha thanks! Always tech against my own decks in case I get paired against myself :-D

29 Aug 2017 kollapse

I have been waking up thinking of how many times CVS would have saved me had it been in my Moons this weekend. It's really annoying. :P

29 Aug 2017 ZiNOS

Can you find space for MCA Austerity Policy?

29 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

I guess you could try cutting a biotic labor for an MCA Austerity Policy, seems good in my head at least :-)

31 Aug 2017 aermet69

Am I missing something, or how does Cyberdex Virus Suite help against Counter Surveillance?

31 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

@aermet69 It's because the common way to land Counter Surveillance is with Dean Lister and God of War. When they make the run with CS you pop CVS to clear all virus counters on GoW and hopefully stop them with Vanilla :-)

31 Aug 2017 ZiNOS

Architect is actually better. Sac cvs, architect fires, reinstall cvs and then stop with vanilla