Diesel is a good card - 4th at Euro / Africa continentals

RotomAppliance 2876

This is the 419 list I played at EuroAfrica continentals. It's a straightforward enough list, bringing a lot of good Crim cards, an approach that works much better in this meta than the previous one, where Spombo and BTL made Crim largely ineffective.

It has a solid PD matchup and is well rounded enough to deal with nasty surprises or decks that try to kill you, with Citadel helping against Punitive/Cityworks and tags, and Falsified providing some counterplay against the occasional net damage deck.

The only real poor matchup is Sports fast advance, even with Gamechanger gone. It's not unwinnable, but the lack of any way for this deck to interact with fast advance turns the game into an access lottery. The deck plays the full 3 diesel for as much speed as possible against Sports and PD, and plays a little more multi-access than I'd normally bother with, which in this case means 3 cards instead of 2. Jailbreak is probably the most luxurious card in the list, and the most likely to be cut, maybe just for a second Legwork or a Dockland Pass to try and gain a few percentage points against Sports. Embezzle is an option to try and knock the fast advance tools from hand, but I hate the randomness of the card.

Unity is a valid option to give you a decoder that isn't backbreaking to install. I prefer to deal with Gatekeeper with Boomerang into 0 strength Turtle later, while pretending that no other codegates exist. Amina will rarely be installed, though if you do it usually means you're winning.

The deck went 4-2 over the two days, beating 3 PD and 1 Sports, and losing to Sports and the eventual winner on CTM in the cut. Both the losses felt very close and could easily have gone the other way on the final turn, in contrast to my PD deck that rather rode it's luck. I think if you're confident piloting Apoc anarch, it's a slightly better pick for this meta due to having more tools for beating Sports, but if you don't understand orange cards like me, 419 is still a solid pick.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to organise and run this event, including the excellent streaming. Congrats to Django, the overall winner. See you all for Interconts!

23 Aug 2021 Radiant

How did being on 1 Casts treat you? Can't say I've seen that before

25 Aug 2021 RotomAppliance

It wasn't by particular design, but that all the other econ cards in the deck seem better. If a second one is important I'd be cutting Jailbreak or the second inside job, but tbh both of those were useful.