NAP TIME - 3rd in Bay Area SC / 1st in Swiss

pj20 1579

This is an updated version of the deck I took to the last SC. Even though you don't score agendas here, SDS is great for helping you protect them.

The deck is called NAP TIME for two reasons. The game should be over within 5 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to nap in between rounds, and also because you kill them.

This deck is incredibly consistent, and every time someone thinks they have the answer, you can find a solution. Even in the one game I lost, I had a win the next turn and just needed to survive a 1 in 10 R&D rip (I didn't).

Anyway, this deck is good, but also mean. I tested for weeks and the only card changes I considered was trying to put in another Urban Renewal, which ironically I didn't draw the entire tournament. I cut the Punitive for my one copy, and double-ironically that would have won me the only game I lost.

That's Netrunner tho!

9 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

Oh no, you've abandoned the noble Asa for this? BOO! :P

9 Apr 2019 pj20

@Cluster Fox LOL this is pretty much the opposite. Asa still has a special place in my heart tho <3

12 Apr 2019 Vortilion

This deck is insane! Most games I play with it are over in 5-8 minutes. Love it!

12 Apr 2019 Vortilion

I have to correct myself: 3-8 minutes. :-D

12 Apr 2019 pj20

@Vortilion yup plenty of time to take a nap afterwards! lol

26 May 2019 ragingduck

This deck is stupid and mean and really, really good.