[SOCR6] SSO Industries: Fueling every win-con

mbzrl 144

I liked H&P SSO for this iteration of the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. It even won twice as many games as my runner! This is a really greedy build though, and centrals are extremely weak. The most fun I had was imagining any of my alternate win conditions working - the two games I won had good starts and an Audacity closer. I did have a nice 4-card value HPT at one point! And never once installed False Flag or scored an Armored Servers. I will continue dreaming though.

Like my runner, each game was very exciting despite my many defeats. It is also not hit very hard by losing Red Sands in the next tournament - Mass Comm is a big loss, but Authenticator was not a great choice as it is too porous and exacerbates the deck's centrals weakness. Try to find a replacement for Audacity as well.

So if you like fun and are also waaaay better at this game than me give a version of this deck a try! I highly recommend the SOCR series of tournaments; thanks to all my opponents for the fun matches and @FightingWalloon for hosting!