2018_06 Quebec Regionals - Ayla

dmartel 22

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

Runs cost money - needed to offset the click intensiveness of Magnum Opus with Hyperdriver and Mining Accident. I think I'd now go -1 Modded +1 Citadel Sanctuary.

19 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Very cool list! Did you win the Regionals? Either way, how did the deck perform?

20 Jun 2018 dmartel

Thx @RepoRogue! Yes, I did manage to win. :-) We were only 8 and had 3 rounds with a top 4 elimination so we have to take 'win' with a grain of salt. alwaysberunning.net Deck went 3-1 - the loss was to a double High Profile Target. I had forgotten to keep an SMC on a Dhegdheer to pop Hyperdriver when I got Hard Hitting News'd.

I had not tested it prior so it's probably a little rough around the edges. With Mining Accident / Pad Tap the idea is to either drain credits for the corp or make some - either way is good. It was not uncommon to have 8 click turns, but if the Corp is careful not to give you an extra click, it's still good as you draw 2 with Beth and Ubax. Not sure about Laamb though, too expensive vs IP Block. Femme + Test Run did nothing on the day as I did not go against Tollbooths or other nasty ice.

Try it out, comments appreciated!

21 Jun 2018 Frogblast

47 cards, beautiful.