GameNET - Everything's a pop-up (but there's no pop-up)

RTsa 360

2020 EU & Africa Continentals deck, 7th after swiss. Didn't drop any games in swiss, but lost both in cut. Perhaps knowing what to expect due to public decklists factored in there?

Anyway, played against GameNET at some point during testing and noticed all their ice was just awful to deal with. Figured I'd give it a go and it's true. Mostly it's just cheap annoying ice, but many of them have a dual function as a pop-up.

The assets are a bit interesting..I wanted to find Echo Chamber and Daily Quests somewhat reliably, so I put in a couple Tech Startups, but then I figured there're other things I need at different times, so I also included a Drudge Work to deal with agenda flooding (and it did a lot of work!) as well as a Blacklist (which didn't see much play unfortunately, but could've been big in a couple matches).

Reeducation won me a game where pretty much no other agenda could've: I was quite flooded, put three agendas on bottom and made sure to not shuffle deck for the rest of the game. This deck is super annoying to deal with late game, even if the runner has a solid econ engine due to the ETR effects of Embolus and Bio Vault. Make sure every server costs to run so Embolus can get counters that aren't easy to remove. Earlier versions had 2x Embolus and after tourney I'd say that's correct. Should probably drop a Surveyor to get the influence needed.

Finally didn't get to use Psycho even once, but I do think it's important to have some sort of tag punishment in the deck. Perhaps it could be a 2nd Data Ward, though, as that's such a hassle to get through tagged.

Stream of game vs Pinsel's Geist here:

Runner deck I brought to tournament here:

26 Jul 2020 boreira

Embolus MVP in a game vs Pinsel on Geist great performance and a list congrats

26 Jul 2020 RTsa

@boreira Thanks! Yup, Embolus really did work in that one and it can be really great but it's also not an early game card, so it's sometimes awkward. Well balanced IMO. :)

27 Jul 2020 vesper

That Reeducation. That Embolus. That game. Well done!

Congrats on a great performance and see you at the Intercontinentals, hopefully :-)