Cake or Tags? (2-2-2 at Edinburgh Regionals, Finalist)

DonLoverGate 194

This deck is a tasty concoction created by my swedish friend Finn. It is almost identical to his deck All the Cakes (which helped me come first in Vienna Regs), but we both came to the conclusion that the Archangel better be something else. Finn settled on Enigma, which seems like a fair shout.

The deck went 2-2 in the day, drawing twice on time, with me winning both matches by virtue of higher seed, which felt not great, since I was in a bad position in both games and would've likely lost within the next few turns.

Fortunately one of the people I timed out managed to beat me in the finals in a well deserved victory involving a Sahasara being installed, used and trashed in the same turn for a net zero value. It was good times.

There isn't much more to say here, so I'll leave you with one of my favourite skits: