Haas Warroid (4-1) Colorado Regionals

Robotoast 37

This is my HB Fast Advance deck at Colorado Regionals. Only posting because it performed so much better than I expected. Game plan in simple: get SanSan on the table, leave it on the table forever with a couple of Warroids on it. If the run dares trash it, you take the scoring window to Biotic Labor the rest of your agendas out. I think every game I won finished out with an agenda off a SanSan.

I played against Crim all day, except for one poor DLR max who was victimized by a blind ABT fire resulting in Ichi1 Ichi2 and Architect. My only loss was the last game of the day, cost me making the cut, and was totally my fault. Turns out leaving SSCG and a Warroid out naked against 2 Aeneas Informant and Desperado is a very very bad play. I'd been training myself not to fall into that trap in the days leading up to the tournament and got tired and cocky in that last game.

Changes I would make: -1 Clone Sufferage -1 Shipment from San San +1 Architect, +some money card? Maybe another lateral growth.