Teamspo Spam (1st place North American Championship)

itsbigfoot 2981

Someone told me to name this "I'm in love with Recoco" but naming decks after old pop songs is dumb so I didn't do that. Original deck was made by jonas (Thebigunit300), who requested i did not post it, this was my nats deck as well, my only contribution besides an obvious gatekeeper switch on release was adding malia as tech against cv and plop.

This deck skips the potential 7 point turn in order to be more resilient to hate, several of the other lists in the top 8 were on -1 malia +1 biotic, one even cutting an archived for a second biotic, and while it does give you a lot of good lines, it is much softer to cv and actually can't beat a polop. My opponent in winners final was short 1 piece of recursion and it cost him the game, stick with the 3 archived.

If you find a place for slots the deck really wants a biotic and a consulting visit, I just don't think either are particularly better than the current 49.

Combo is: rez reconstruction contract, dedication twice, score vitruvius, then do the same thing to score an ikawah and second vitruvius next turn if jeeves is still around. There's a bunch of other ways to hit 7 but that one is the simplest. Sometimes they realize you're on asset spam combo and their eyes glaze over, which lets you sneak out agendas.

6 Aug 2018 Saan

Looks like CI is still a better ID than Gagarin, eh? =P. Grats on killing two Gencons in a row! It's a shame the grand prize is about a million times more lame this year, but at least we'll see one card designed by you come Worlds. See you there!

6 Aug 2018 ayyyliens

Congrats on the win!

I got the impression from watching the stream that most games are lost on bad draws. All the runner has to do is hammer HQ till 7 points. Now with everyone talking about slotting polOp versus rashida/moons, do you feel the deck will contain its current power level?

6 Aug 2018 tonybluehose

How does this get around a hypothetical Clot? Or are clot-lock decks not strong enough against other strong corp decks that folks can't run something like that.

6 Aug 2018 itsbigfoot

Instant speed clot is awkward but no longer common. Non-instant speed clot gets purged with jeeves, rashida can break saccon for you.

8 Aug 2018 zero_aperture

I think I played against you. It was a well designed deck. Congrats on the win.