Bankroll Sable - 1st at UK Nats 2023

RotomAppliance 2846

This is the runner I took to UK Nats last weekend, finishing first. I played 419 at Worlds, but found him a little underwhelming, so I decided to return to the runner that did well for me at Euros. It took a while to process the idea that 419 might not be the best crim anymore, but I've arrived.

The deck is pretty straightforward, with some added tech for horizontal yellow decks, which seemed likely to be popular at Nats and gave me a lot of trouble at Worlds. I added the second Bones and a couple of Bankrolls over Daily Casts, which proved useful in all my games against R+ (My Bankroll record was 19 credits). The No Free Lunches stayed, as a tech card that is very forgiving due to always being at least an Easy Mark, and Flip Switch remains as a measure against Stavka/Hafrun, while allowing more aggressive facechecks against the Mark early game. I think the most cuttable cards if looking to tinker are Flip Switch and the second Pinhole Threading, which is weaker as a tech slot if you're expecting a lot of yellow spam. I think the Nuka/Earthrise balance could be changed if you want to change your breaker suite, but I wasn't in the mood for using Shibboleth again, and I can't stand using Carmen against Drafter. Cleaver is great with support, but less appropriate in a deck without Leech or Turbine.

The deck went 7-1 in the main, beating Outfit, ASA, Jemison, R+, R+ again, then R+ again and R+ again in the cut. It lost a close game to PD in round 4. In terms of matchups, I think it's as rounded as you can hope from a runner at the moment, and performs better against PD than Hoshiko, whilst having game against R+. You really don't want to face Sokka's BTL, but I guessed that would be rare at this event, and you're probably down against fast advance decks out of Ob and Outfit, but Hermes helps. Ultimately the most important thing is what you're comfortable playing.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing weekend, and to everyone who helped organise and make this possible. UK Nats continues to be a huge event on the Calendar. See you all next time!

15 Nov 2023 Bridgeman

Sick performance Rotom, congratz! :D

15 Nov 2023 awildturtok

Congrats on the win!

19 Nov 2023 x3r0h0ur

why would anyone play a deck recommended by OP?