Sportsmetal "U Win, We Win"

Trewaters 25

Description: This deck plays well as fast advance with some asset spam.

How to pilot corp deck:

I must ICE R&D because my Agendas will be cycled to R&D during the game. I also create one strong remote server. That remote server will have Arella Salvatore or Jeeves, depending on how the game plays.

When scoring agendas off of Arella Salvatore take the opportunity to install another agenda or these ICE ( Asteroid Belt, Wormhole ).

Economy has been great. I added some more money to support the 3 large ice I need to install. Last game it felt like I could use 5 more credits to rez ice and fast advance the agenda next turn.

Added current to battle runner currents.

Completely reshaped my ICE suite in an attempt to build on Arella Salvatore's ability to advance cards. I expect to only pay 6 credits (max) for Wormhole or Asteroid Belt. Trying to have one "end the run" subroutine in each type of ice. Have one "big" ice for each type. Hopefully end ice set up will cover R&D and my remote server. HQ needs gatekeeper to protect agendas.