Blue Book Outfit strikes again (1st at AUNZ Salv Mem)

nbkelly 853

I literally found out about this tournament five minutes before it started, so I shuffled through my decks to find this. I think the only change I made was 1x junebug to 1x swordsman.

My runner deck, which went undefeated, can be found here.

I haven't used or even considered that salvaged memories cards exist yet - this was my first set of games since the release.

This is similar to the contract killer outfit I played at the 2020 (?) NZ Nationals.

Try to rush out with la costa, dedicated city works, etc.

Try to tempo your opponent down with contract killers.

Try to snipe important cards with trebuchet and your meat damage pings.

This deck went 2/1, losing to an early game flood vs leela (and a couple of bad guesses with engram) - despite the flood, definitely a winnable game.