TemWhiz [4th place Rochester Regionals]

MFTimber 119

I didn't really have a good read on the Corp meta (besides tons of Mooninites), so I just threw good money, good red cards, and a bunch of hate cards into a deck. Ended up going 4-2 with it, with both losses due to terrible play on my part, rather than anything particularly wrong with the deck.

The Credits

Temujin is still the king. I tried other builds that leaned more heavily on Liberated to free up influence, but they felt way too slow against HB. I ended up cutting Liberated altogether, so Kati is my late game econ.

The Breakers

All heap breakers, since we're on Inject and Street Peddler for draw. I've also got 1 copy of Yog to try to break Fairchild 3 and DNA Tracker cheaper with Ice Carver/Datasucker. If the draw package/influence changes, I'd consider swapping 1 MKUltra for a Mimic and slotting another Yog. MK and Black Orch are just so damn expensive to actually use.

The Hate

Employee Strike - Hits Skorpios, CI, and RP pretty hard, and keeps the EtF matchup closer. It unfortunately landed itself on Street Peddler an awful lot.

Salsette Slums/Archives Interface - I ended up on 1 Slums, 1 AI. I liked AI since you don't have to draw it early, and people can't just toss Caprice in the bin and wait for Friends. Plus we're running so much run econ that you'll want to run Archives anyway.

Maw - Hits combo pieces from CI/kill decks, and disrupts slower corps. It was good pretty much every game, and almost won me a game I had no business being in. The Temujin burst makes the heavy install cost sting less.

Film Critic - MVP on the day. Works great against Hunter Seeker, Midseason, Future Perfect, Fetal AI, and Lakshmi.

Nerve Agent - Really good against CI and EtF decks with Cybernetics Court, but didn't really help here. More of a meta call.

Changes for next time

-1 Nerve Agent, +1 Medium - gives you the same pressure against the decks you want it for, and is better against everyone else

Draw package - Even though they rip through your deck, Inject and Street Peddler can hurt a lot sometimes. With the amount of tech cards and 1-ofs, I'd probably change to either 2 Inject 2 Peddler 2 Earthrise or 3 Inject 3 Earthrise. Without Sifr, the surprise factor off of Peddler isn't as big a deal.