The Boom is Back (20th Euros 2018)

RoRo 562


Updated Load Testing Boom CI from Store Champs season, notable changes are the Rashida for Violet Level Clearance and few changes in the ice for the third HHN. EffCom lets you do shenanigans if you score it but mainly just makes up the points.

Strategy remains the same, make money, get cards, progress with fast advance via MCA or rush and kill any runner with the cheek to challenge you. Surprise is your best friend, but a tempo HHN can be beneficial.

Possible changes are the ice, and some slots dance around ark lockdown and the third archived/biotic.

The deck went 7-1 on the day through a mix of kills and scores, dropping a match against the eventual European Champ Patrick Gower.

Thanks to all my opponents for some really great games, and the organisers for soldiering through a tough day.

4 Jun 2018 Terje

TOP SCOT :bagpiper:

4 Jun 2018 Angedelo


4 Jun 2018 shanodin

Bloody well done Ronan!