DJ Patchwork v.1.0

Bl4nk3t 476

My Patchwork Max variant which I piloted (poorly) to a 65th place at German Nats 2018.

It is based on stephenball's awesome Moral High Ground MaxX

Occurrences on the big day:

  • very close, and the most enjoyable games against Ctm by Peter Pan ( Win after Rebirth into Khumalo with Datasucker) and Ctm by Oguz (draw).

  • getting punitive'd by an Mti after stealing an SSL (with credit lead thanks to it and a single [[I've had worse]] in grip, which failed to get trashed on the run towards the agenda through a Kakugo)

  • accessing a Snare! on R&D after stealing an agenda from HQ from J:PE using Divide and Conquer with 3 cards in grip loosing one card to Daniels PE then dying with the remaining 2 (one of which was an I've Had Worse)

  • failing to rebirth into Null: Whistleblower against a Excalibur based AG Infusion with a single Nisei Token piloted by Daniel. I chose Omar. Good'ol "useless against AG-Inf" Omar :-/. I had an Aumakua (1 Virus Token) to potentially get through the mentioned Excalibur + Nisei token.

  • getting locked out by FAWE's ACME Consulting an his D4v1d proof Data Ward

Thoughts on cards:

  • Guinea Pig worked surprisingly well, even if I did not want to play it in every matchup (e.g. any Jinteki with Obokatas) - more than one would be overkill

  • DJ Fenris actually won me one of only 2 victories on the day of nationals. In this game against Mti Mwekendu all my Levys and Same old Things got MaxX'd but I did have DJ Fenris, comparatively easy access to HQ and our good mutual friend Steve Cambridge. Other DJ Uses were mostly into Liza Talking Thunder (which works well with Citadel Sanctuary unsurprisingly)

  • 2 Levys is definitely the right choice

  • Aumakua was surprisingly good, even if sometimes the Clone Chip was really necessary to get it. As mentioned above, sometimes a little help by rebirthing into Null

  • are you saying 46 cards is too much? Well - since we're not operating strictly on a combo so usually it works out ok

  • Indexing is hard countered by an R&D Miraju - but for The Makers Eye it's dangerous against Decks typically running it i.e. PE

  • HQ pressure is lacking a bit since I took out one Legwork replacing it with the DJ (threatening Steves recursion) and a Turning Wheel

6 Sep 2018 scumhooligan

Didn't Raymond Flint rotate out?

9 Sep 2018 Bl4nk3t

that's true. It's supposed to be Same Old Things instead of Raymond Flints.

what a strange mistake - thanks for pointing it out @scumhooligan :)