Replicating HB (5/0 in swiss York Regional)

Jmac 32

As a player I have always liked playing glacier decks but apparently assets are in this season so I mashed the two together and came up with RP.

The agenda suite needs to be fairly defensive since you are asking players to run centrals before they run a remote which is why the 3 pointers are Obokata protocol and The future perfect. Obokata is good on it's own but it is better with spiky ice and the additional click tax of having to run a central as well as drawing up enough cards to steal it. I decided to include 4/2 agendas to make up the remaining points as the deck includes Jeeves model bioroids they can be scored from un-advanced. Nisei MK II was extremely useful whether it was to stop an important run event or force 2 runs on the scoring remote.

Assets are generally focused around money with the exception of Sandburg and the aforementioned Jeeves. Sandburg is mainly there to dissuade players from sitting back and not interacting. If that is the case you can struggle to score out against a good shaper deck. Rashida Jaheem is probably one of the stand out cards as it accelerates the deck. You will need to draw a fair few cards to get enough ice.

Operations are more money and a couple of Preemptive actions. Preemptive action is mostly to recur important assets but can also be used to shuffle agendas back into R&D as most of the time archives will have some ice.

The ice suite is probably the most important part of an RP deck. You must have enough of it to Ice all your centrals early and it must be spiky otherwise players will just end the run without spending any credits and happily trash your assets for the next 3 clicks. Most of the ice is a pain to break with cards like Laamb, conspiracy breakers or Aumakua. Fairchild 3.0 is especially good on the remote as runners will have already spent a click running a central server. Excalibur is great on centrals and will often force people to use their paint ability on breakers like Laamb or Engolo.

Changes I would consider would be replacing the IP blocks, Sandburgs and Cricks. Crick often became a liability as players could let it fire then go trash whatever you just installed or run your scoring remote. The ability to trace through IP block without using a breaker created similar problems. Sandbergs are good in Anarch and Criminal match ups but you have to have 30 or more credits for most shapers to care as the breakers pump a lot of strength for relatively few credits.

As far as match ups went the deck beat 2 Rezeki Wus, 1 Origami Wu, 1 Credit denial 419 and a Aesops Hayley which was on stream. In the cut it lost to Consume Khumalo.