Sable trigger engine [startup]

Nicky3.0 13

Install all the things and make all the runs! Mulligan for Zenit and/or Info Bounty. Normal criminal behaviour: don't install programs until you need to, then first install can be Tunnel Vision to get in for the free money and cards. Aim to replace Tunnel Vision with real breakers sooner or later, there are two Carmens because program destruction is very bad news! Red team always feels bad to spend 5 on, but it's just more free money alongside what you're already doing. Two inside jobs for early remote pressure before you have any real breakers - don't bother using them on centrals. Don't install Zenit against Thule Don't plan a Deep Dive turn without Lunch or Stoneship out already Time your cybernetic installs to discard irrelevant events or duplicates... That's all really! [... this could probably run Tremolo fine instead of cleaver, but i went with old reliable cleaver]