Good Stuff Wu (1-2 at Kentwood, MI SC)

rwknoll 70

This is a variation of the Wu deck I took to my last SC, the original of which went 3-1. I dropped Clot for this build because I never installed it last time, instead adding The Turning Wheel for extra central pressure. I also slotted Scavenge to get more mileage out of my ID ability, replaced Atman with Maven, and made room for a single Dhegdheer to assist with memory issues (and give Maven more teeth).

Most of these changes were a great call, allowing me to set up faster and apply more pressure, even after losing Paperclip in one of my matches. But unlike last SC, this time I faced up against 2 Titan and a Skorpios, all of which beat me because I had no way to stop their FA strategies. #SlotTheClot folks. The single win was against my friend's Titan build, where I narrowly won 7-5 with probably a turn left to go before he found his last FA tool to close out the game. Out of 6 players, there was a 4-way tie for #2-5, and I ended up in 5th due to SoS.

I'll be curious to see how Wu builds shift with the release of the next few days packs, but in the meantime this is still a pretty good Reg Shaper build with extra consistency, anti-rush strategies, and great late game inevitability.

Thinking of trying to make room for 1-2 more Dhegdheer so I can switch to the superior Deep Data Mining.