99 99 (14th place in SOCR7)

Sanjay 3548

I won three games with this in the most recent Stimack Online Cache Refresh tournament (SOCR7). I am way prouder of this than I am of going 5-1 with my corp.

The deck is impossible to play because by midgame your decision tree has so many branches that the tree, even though it is strictly metaphorical, topples under its own weight and literally crushes you to death.

I am literally dead, flatlined by trying to use District 99 with a 60 card heap.

I enjoyed playing this deck a lot.


As an aside, I am taking over as TO for the next SOCR tournament (SOCR8). I'd love to see you there! We will hopefully start sometime in October, so keep your ear to the street.

24 Sep 2018 theoneakaneo

Awesome and fun built Maxx

24 Sep 2018 mbzrl

How did you decide what to spend your influence on? Also chuckling about the 2-of decisions and 1-of Dyson Mem. Brilliant deck, very jealous of your success with MaxX

24 Sep 2018 Sanjay

I think the DJ Fenris and the Egrets stayed in the deck the whole tournament. I really liked Egret as a way to break difficult to break ice (basically any code gate) and to combo with cutlery to kill really problematic ice. I should have thought of Femme earlier; that was a late include.

Reclaim was underpowered but necessary and really powerful in the mid to late game.

PAD Taps I stole from internet_potato's MaxX deck because I needed more money.