Hyper Light Smoke (4th @ Belgian Nationals 2017)

Kelfecil 1806

13 Nov 2017 PyWiz

Interesting take on Smoke, I've always felt like I wanted more card draw but for some reason I could only think of clunky cards like ProCo and Daredevil. Do you think the CI matchup is doable without Clot? I've always felt like I had to fit it in somehow (along with the Sac Cons to protect it), but I guess if you go fast enough maybe you can win before it matters?

14 Nov 2017 evilgaz

No ScaCon or Tapwyrm? I feel queasy! ;)

Good effort. There was a lot of PU at Worlds - does that match up make you a sad?

14 Nov 2017 Kelfecil

@PyWiz I had Citadel Sanctuary to deal with CI Brain Rewiring, but other than that, you just need to set up nicely, build up Net Mercur credits and then make some high impact runs with a Maker's Eye in the late game. Even with clicks lost to MCA in some turns, it is not entirely lost. But yeah, defo one of the harder match-ups for this. The deck goes REALLY fast in both draw and setup as you may see in the vids when they are up and that helps with most match-ups.

@evilgaz It does, but the one at the event (1st round) that I lost was because of my own stupidity. I only looked at R&D instead of running the remote or the Archives for an easy win. I should know better as a dedicated Jinteki player right? :P

But yeah, the rest of the PUs I always end up beating because I go faster than them. No matter how lucky their draw is, they can't draw both economy and good ICE to protect the entire early-mid game and with Film Critic you get some easy points early.

16 Nov 2017 theoneakaneo

Great write-up in the report

Tnx for the fun games, especially the Weylandt: BON game (round 2)

I look forward to the video (even though my huge mistakes are recorded)


  • nickname stands for the one aka neo :-)
  • I didn’t have a restricted card