1st Place in Lockdown 7

mo0man 377

I liked the deck, but it's relatively standard Jinteki rush deck. I felt much more confident about this than I did the Los.

Deck has 17 ice, but I wish I had even more. Some thoughts about the deck that occurred to me during the tournament.

One game I was able to go from score nisei, nisei, obokata in successive turns, because 2x clickless advancement counters a turn are pretty good.

an entirely accidental thing that worked out is that Tennin was particularly good in this lockdown because Anansi was banned, and Colossus is a pretty natural replacement.

As well, I probably should have bumped the thimblerig count.

10 Aug 2020 vesper

La Costa Tennin = superpowerturborush :-) Congrats!

10 Aug 2020 Cpt_nice

15 inf on Weyland ice, you love to see it