Replicating Perfection (1st Place at German Nationals)

Heinzel 1286

This is the RP List that I took to the German Nationals. It went 3-2 in Swiss and 4-0 in the Top Cut. I expected many Noise Players so I changed the list to adapt to that. I put in 3 Architects to have more non-parasitable Ice and I played 19 pieces of Ice since I found that an Ice-light starting hand can lose you the game quite fast against most runner decks. Himitsu-Bako was great to tax Lady and it can only be parasited mid run since otherwise you can just bounce it. Yagura was an allstar this tournament. It taxed the runner for cheap and the first subroutine fired more often than you might think, letting me control my draws. One thing I miss though are the Tollbooths. I previously played three but due to influence I had to cut them. I think the Deck would maybe be better if you were to cut -1 Architect -1 Wall of Thorns and added +1 Tollbooth and another taxing Ice (maybe a pup or a tsurugi).

17 Aug 2015 JackMade

I guess you put in 3 Architects, not 3 Mimics. :)

17 Aug 2015 Heinzel

Oh yeah. Corrected

17 Aug 2015 Dydra

seems like good old RP ... don't see the need for an Ash over Batty though. and u get ur 2 influence for Tollbooth

18 Aug 2015 Heinzel

@Dydra I think i didn´t consider Batty because i didn´t like the idea of adding another psi game to the decks. The more i think about it though the more Batty makes sense, though i still think Ash has some advantages over him (being a reliable effect, higher trash cost, potential multiple uses). I think either way is fine and it is just up to preference.

18 Aug 2015 Fitzban

Works it well against noise ?

18 Aug 2015 Heinzel

Noise is still the worst matchup but with a good draw you can certainly pull it off. Architect really helps since it is non parasitable thus making R&D accesses costly. And the huge amount of ice also makes the matchup better. The Fast Track lets you abuse scoring windows against them to get ahead by scoring a nisei and opening up more windows. If you have a bad draw though and they have a good start you probably still can´t win.

22 Aug 2015 Phoenix

I've been running 2 Cerebral Static in RP which has worked wonders vs Noise.

With Film Critic now being a thing, I have also started running Agendas which actually do something, rather than just protecting themselves (another point being I run 8 agendas not 9). A Priority Req or 2, I have found to be fantastic in RP (Susan, Tollbooth, Ashigaru.....). Corporate War to maintain tempo, Medical Breakthrough for its inherent advantages and Braintrust/Philotic Entanglement (people don't run unadvanced cards vs RP) have all been great. Not sure what others think?

19 Oct 2015 argaille

Did you had problems against Film Critic?