4th 2015 Tournanent - UndefeatedSwiss - (Mostly Yin)

Cliquil 1163

I decided I wanted to play in the 2015 tournament to hang out with good old chums but realised my own decks from the time what hot garbage so needed to go elsewhere.

I realised that the deck named "Yin" that was the top PE at Worlds 2015 was one I had always admired and it was a chance to play it.

But of course I made a change here and there so I could claim it was a totally new deck and therefore publish it to gain the credit. I switched a Kitsune, which I thought would be weaker in a field full of Faust, to a Psychic Field - because I felt like the ratio of traps was too low. I resisted the urge to tinker more but probably should have done, not because my deck building was superior but because the original deck builder probably couldn't anticipate my play-style or the altered meta of "2015" vs actual 2015

The original is an excellent shell however, and I am very pleased to have the chance to play it, even in this slightly altered form.

Went undefeated in swiss vs. both Anarchs and Shapers and lost on a knife edge in the cut. a 5 point dig in the runner's last turn before the hammer fell, the classic way for PE to lose!