DDoS Made Us Weak - 2nd at Norwich SC (5-2)

swearyprincess 134

Some people said that without DDoS, Apoc Anarch was dead.

That, my friends, is a lie.

still worthy meme

Turns out, waiting for a DDoS and an Apoc was just slowing us down and losing DDoS only made us stronger!

This is fairly similar to the Birthday Girl deck that Longi posted previously only without DDoS and Hacktivist and with EMP Device, an extra Daily Casts and an Isolation in their place.

This deck WRECKS everything I've faced bar Titan so if you play it, hope there's some Shapers running clot to tank the Titan's score.

Game 1 - Asa - fine, install all your pretty remotes. Gonna blow em up anyway. WIN.

Game 2 - Outfit - boardstate go boom, twice. WIN.

Game 3 - Palana - saw that Motionblur was about to score a NISEI Mk 2, so double deuced to draw my apoc, Amped Up to get the clicks back, then BOOM. Win.

Game 4 - 241 vs Outfit - blew some stuff up getting to 5 points in the process, then couldn't steal a SDS from R&D but luckily found a Cyberdex Sandbox in HQ. Win.

Cut Game 1 - Titan - Heinzel got to 4 points by turn 2, and 7 points by turn 5. Too fast for me!

Cut Game 2 - won as corp

Cut Game 3 - Blue Sun - almost got blown up by Punitive twice, but I've Had Worse saved me from the double punitive death. Went for the board wipe when there was a City Work Project with 3 counters on it in a remote, found 6 points in the bin to had to use my last click on a Deuces to draw my last two bringing me to 5 cards and then make a run cos otherwise I'd be a dead protagonist...

Final - won as corp

Final Final - same titan as Cut Game 1, and I managed to make it last 7 turns this time but couldn't score more than 2 points before Heinzel took the victory.

I then went for a lie down, happy with my 2nd place.

12 Jul 2020 makemoves

@realitycheque congrats on the finish. The deck looks great. Can you share when you'd use Rebirth and which ID you would swap into?

12 Jul 2020 Longi

Hey congrats! I am glad to see we still have tools to keep the spam decks at bay. The EMP Device is a neat idea. Is it a real deal? Would you include it again?

15 Jul 2020 swearyprincess

@makemoves depends a lot on the situation - I've gone into Omar (when there's too much ICE on both HQ and R&D), Alice (to help keep them down after an Apoc) and Eddie (when I need to get rid of operations). When I'd use it varies, but usually whenever I've a spare click and don't expect to get much use out of Hoshiko's ability. With this deck you often find yourself with a click or two free the turn before you Apoc when you don't need to draw and have a tonne of cash.

@Longi yeah it saved my bacon a few times! It's good for both when R&D is stacked up, or if you can't Apoc but there's an agenda in the remote you can't let them have (like a Nisei Mk2)